Princess Eugenie most likely won't have a prenup when she gets married

When it comes to the royal family, you would think the Queen would and her minions would go to great lengths to protect their immense fortune.

Think again.

Brooksbank and Princess Eugenie of York. Image via Getty Images.

With Princess Eugenie’s wedding to longtime beau, Jack Brooksbank, quickly approaching, a royal expert predicts the young couple will follow royal tradition and forego signing a prenuptial agreement.

Despite a history of particularly messy royal divorces, expert Ingrid Sewell revealed to PEOPLE magazine that when it comes to Britain’s most famous family, a prenup is simply out of the question.

“Historically, members of the royal family have not had them,” Sewell said. “They are more popular in the United States —it’s just not a British thing.”

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It turns out, Brits don’t avoid prenups because they’re overly romantic — there’s a legal component that may influence their decision as well.

Unlike in the United States and Canada, prenuptial agreements aren’t legally enforced in the United Kingdom — although they are often considered by a judge during a divorce trial.

Image via Getty Images.

Eugenie will seemingly follow in the footsteps of her cousins, Princes William and Harry, and not ask her fiancé to sign a prenup. That means that should they divorce, Brooksbank could potentially walk-away with millions.

Such was the case for Princess Diana who received $23 million USD as part of her 1996 divorce settlement from Prince Charles. Diana reportedly received an annual salary of $600,000 USD per year,  and shared custody of her children with the prince, but was stripped of “Her Royal Highness” title.

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It’s estimated that Eugenie’s personal estate is rumoured to be over $4 million USD, mostly in trust funds. A majority of royal assets and property are kept in the Queen’s name,  which means should Eugenie and Brooksbank ever divorce, the value of their home, Ivy Cottage at Kensington Palace, and any other royal property would be protected.

While it’s unclear what the future has in store for the young royals and the merry wives of Windsor, it’s probably best to focus on the here and now- and not dwell on the prospect of divorce.

Prenup or no-prenup, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank are set to marry Oct. 12 at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

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