Principal stands up to bullying by letting bullied student shave his head

[Photo: Facebook/Paula Pollock]
[Photo: Facebook/Paula Pollock]

One principal’s heartwarming show of support for a bullied student has gone viral.

Tim Hadley, principal of Pekin Community High School, noticed a student, Jackson, was getting taunted for shaving his head.

The 11-year-old had chopped off his blonde, shaggy locks in honour of his grandfather who was battling Mantle cell lymphoma. But when he returned to school with his new ‘do, students called him “baldy” and mocked him for looking like a cancer patient.

So Hadley decided there was only one thing to do — invite Jackson to shave his head in front of the entire school.

Teacher Paula Pollock filmed the incident and posted the video on Facebook where it’s since gone viral, attracting over 100,000 views and 530 reactions.

“If you truly believe in something, stand up for it even if it’s different,” Hadley says in the video. “But if you believe in someone else, stand up for them and make a difference, you can do that, it’s simple things.”

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