Priyanka Chopra Is Moving Up Her Wedding Because She's Tired of Waiting to Be Mrs. Nick Jonas

Alyssa Bailey


People do crazy things when they're in love, like move up their big celebrity weddings because they're just ready to be married already. Or at least that's what Priyanka Chopra is doing, according to Entertainment Tonight. Originally, the outlet reported that she and Nick Jonas, who got engaged in July after two months of dating, were going to get married next year. Now it's looking like it'll happen before December 31.

“Priyanka and Nick were planning to get married early next year, but it now looks like they may tie the knot by the end of 2018,” a source told the outlet.

Then the source justified the speedy timeline: “Since day one, Priyanka and Nick have clicked and have never taken their relationship slow. The couple got engaged two months after dating, they've met each other’s families and had a bridal shower and bachelorette party in a very short period of time. For Priyanka and Nick, they know that they love one another and are going to be married, so they don't see the appeal in waiting too long."

ET is not the only outlet to report that Chopra and Jonas are getting married this year. Us Weeklydid shortly before them. On Oct. 24-a day after ET reported that the wedding is definitely happening in 2019-the outlet reported that a source told them that “the wedding is happening in India in December." So now the tabloids are aligned, and the Chonas wedding is imminent.

Chopra took a great leap toward being ready for her nuptials this weekend in Amsterdam. She had one of the most lavish celebrity bachelorette weekends of the year, with 4+ outfit changes for her and all her guests. Now just imagine how crazy the wedding will be.

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