8 products that help look after indoor plants

Anya Meyerowitz
·4 min read
The best products to water indoor plants. (Getty Images)
The best products to water indoor plants. (Getty Images)

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If you weren’t green-fingered before lockdown, there’s a high chance that you are now.

For weeks it was harder to get hold of seeds and indoor plants than it was to get hold of flour (and that’s really saying something), which must mean that thousands of us up and down the country are now the proud owners of several plants at least.

The only thing is, now you have to keep them alive, and - take it from someone who has bought and then accidentally killed many plants of her own - that is considerably more difficult than choosing which ones to buy in the first place.

Each potted beauty needs a different amount of light and water, and so it can seem that a plant care schedule must be carried out with military precision.

However, there are products out there that can muck in and help you do the dirty work so that, together, you can nurture your fledgling greens into a blossoming jungle of air-purifying, vibe-lifting plants.

We’ve picked out six of the products worth investing in right now.

8 products that help look after indoor plants

Mini Green Earthenware Watering Can | £19.50 from Oliver Bonas

Searching for a small watering can perfect for indoor plants?

This two-toned turquoise and green watering can is perfect for smaller inside places and will look pretty on your shelves when not in use.

Glass Ombre Plant Mister | £15 from John Lewis

It’s easy to kill many tropical plants by overwatering, therefore they often only need a mist to the leaves and roots.

This beautiful glass plant mister in an ombre design, a convenient way to keep plants watered and a lovely decorative piece.

Flairosol Fine Mist Spray Bottle | £7.96 from Amazon

Or, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose mister, this could be the one for you.

The fine mist spray is perfect for quickly and evenly misting your plants, hair or for cooling yourself down in the summer.

XLUX T10 Soil Moisture Sensor Meter | £9.99 from Amazon

Because each plant needs a different amount of watering, it can be hard to know when you’ve properly cared for each.

A moisture sensor will help you work out when to water and when to hold off, plus how much water to add to the soil as you go.

In fact, this clever device has almost 4,000 reviews and five-stars on the shopping site.

LSA International Canopy Recycled Glass Self-Watering Planter | £36 from John Lewis

Bottom watering, in which a plant absorbs water from the bottom instead of the top, is a great way to give your plants a sufficient moisture without over watering the leaves.

Fill the base with water, place the plant pot or tub on the cork stopper and the plant takes the right amount of water it needs every day through the rope.

Scheurich 087 Accessoires Bördy M | £5.99 from Amazon

Designed originally to keep plants watered while their owners were away, this accessory is actually just brilliant year-round to make sure your plants are well-fed at all times.

The device, which is placed into the soil, slowly releases water to the plants over time and means that you just need to keep an eye on it every once in a while to top up water levels.

Led Grow Light Bulb Full Spectrum Plant Light | £23.99 from Amazon

For many indoor plants, a light environment is key.

If you’re home doesn’t have sufficient natural light, then these nifty LED lights will help keep your indoor plants in tip-top condition.

Miracle Gro Soluble Universal Plant feed | £4.62 from B&Q

Keeping your plants soil full of nutrients is a key factor if you want your new leafy friend to thrive.

Miracle Grow is trusted by gardeners nationwide and helps plants grow twice as big as unfed plants.

Simply dissolve in water and then just water plants as normal.