'Project Runway' winner's dad so stoked he falls off the runway

The winner of Project Runway season 16 was none other than Kentaro Kameyama who wowed the judges with a limited palette, bold silhouettes and original music. His family came all the way from Japan to witness their son's show and wish him congratulations. But Dad was maybe a bit too eager because he fell right off the runway with a misstep. Everyone was shocked and Heidi checked to see if he was ok, and fortunately it seemed the only thing Dad injured was his ego. But maybe he was too proud to notice, considering that his son composed his own original music for the runway show. Kentaro even previewed it for Tim Gunn and revealed a unique inspiration. Kentaro said, "Well, I found a dead cat on the street. So, after I buried the cat, I put my ear into the ground, and this is the kind of sound I heard."

Kentaro got a lot of negative feedback on his runway preview from the judges compared to his competitors so Kentaro threw caution to the wind saying, "I feel like Ayana or Brandon are going to win, so I'm going to do whatever I want to do." In the end, ultimately doing whatever he wanted paid off for Kentaro.