Protect plants from frost with these top-rated fleece jackets

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Protect plants from frost with these top-rated fleece jackets. (Getty Images)
Protect plants from frost with these top-rated fleece jackets. (Getty Images)

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Brrr, after a rather mild Christmas across many parts of the UK, the chill has finally caught up with us. 

And this morning, as we defrosted our car while our breath rose in front of us, we were only saved from the cold because we were wrapped up tight in our jackets.

But what about our plants? Don't they deserve jackets so that they can make it through the winter unscathed too?

As the Royal Horticultural Society explains: "Cold, wet, windy winter weather can damage trees, shrubs and garden structures such as trellis. Improving shelter, staking plants, mulching, wrapping pots and careful matching of plants to places will help to prevent this kind of damage."

Well, now you can wrap them up just as well as yourself, because we've found these handy Haxnicks Frost Protection Easy Fleece Jackets for plants on Amazon, and they're currently 21% off, down to just £6.99. 

Why we rate them:

Made from high-grade 35GSM polypropylene fleece, simply pop this robust jacket over the plant and secure with the drawstring around the base - and, hey presto! You can sleep soundly knowing nothing is going to get at your beautiful blooms. 

£6.99 £8.99 at Amazon

Plus, they come in three different sizes that so you can protect your beautiful plant babies no matter their size. 

What the reviews say:

With almost 3,000 reviews, it's clear that we're a nation of plant-lovers. 

People revealed a multitude of reasons for buying them, from helping their plants beat to the chill to protecting their blueberries or herbs from animals.

Many felt they were a "great buy" for protecting their plants and ensured that their outdoor spaces stayed intact and needed "minimal" maintenance during the winter months. 

"Fantastic" frost protector bags, was the consensus from many of the five-star reviews.

Buy them: Haxnicks Frost Protection Easy Fleece Jackets | £6.99 (Was £8.99) from Amazon

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