Protect your feet this summer with these 'handy' $13 water shoes

Kate Mendonca
Shopping Editor

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When it comes time to spend a day at the beach or by the lake, protecting your skin is always an important part of planning ahead. Sunscreen and hats can shield your face from the sun, but what about your feet?

Water shoes are an easy way to make sure that your feet don’t burn on the hot sand or end up cut by jagged underwater rocks, making them an essential part of your packing list this summer. One brand is an especially affordable way to test out the idea, and for just $13 they’ll keep your feet safe from any conditions you can throw at them this season. 

Eco-Fused Water Shoes for Women

Eco-Fused Water Shoes for Women. Image via Amazon.

SHOP IT: Amazon, $13

What are they? 

The Eco-Fused Water Shoes for Women are the multipurpose footwear that protect your feet from the elements while still feeling lightweight and comfortable. Made from a flexible neoprene material, they conform to the shape of your feet and offer a barefoot feel that still keeps you safe. 

Each pair features a sole with added grip that helps prevent slipping on wet surfaces like rocks or sand. They’re also breathable, so if you’re more inclined to higher intensity activity like paddle boarding or beach volleyball, your feet will stay cool during your workout. 

Available in sizes small, medium and large, the water shoes fit anywhere from women’s shoe sizes 5 to 13, and come in four colours to choose from. 

What shoppers think

Backed by a 3.9 star rating on more than 2,300 reviews, shoppers have been impressed with these water shoes thanks to their snug fit and protective abilities. 

“Absolutely LOVE these. I took them on our recent trip to wear in my snorkelling flippers but they ended up for other use as well,” one reviewer shared. “When we went to a water park excursion they definitely came in handy, just put them on and walk around and hop on water slides without having to take them off.”

“Great for protecting your feet from public pools, not that that’s an issue right now with the covid virus,” added another. “When it’s lifted, don’t forget these babies. You’ll be glad to have them to protect yourself from other foot diseases and from minor scratches, not to mention burns from hot pavement.”

Eco-Fused Water Shoes for Women. Image via Amazon.

Some reviewers were less impressed with these shoes because the soles don’t provide much grip on manufactured flooring like tile or polished wood, although they are in fact better suited to natural materials. 

“I was surprised to discover that they are slippery on the swimming pool's floor and walls,” noted one reviewer. “They will be good for the beach, though, and give you some protection in personal hygiene, fungus wise.”

The verdict

If you’re looking to protect your feet outdoors with an affordable pair of footwear, then these water socks are a great option that stays securely on your feet both in and out of the water. If however, you’re looking to protect your feet on slippery surfaces like tile, these may not offer as much protection against slips as they will against germs.

Luckily, Eco-Fused also offers a pair of women’s water shoes that feature a rubber non-slip sole if you’re looking for added protection, which retail for a cool $16.

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