If you pull the Two of Wands tarot card, here's exactly what it means

It’s good to follow your passions into the unknown, but it’s wise to bring some sort of map with you on the adventure! When the Two of Wands appears in a tarot reading, it’s a cosmic sign that your current circumstances are good, but they could be even better if you dared to take a chance on yourself.

What do you ultimately want in life? It’s time to make a major move that aligns with your long-term goals. Let’s put your potential to good use: This is your opportunity to create your plan and plot out your route to ascend to the next level. The next step towards your pursuit of greatness won’t be easy and it might not be comfortable, but personal growth usually isn’t. It does, however, lead us to greater experiences and wild accomplishments that make the temporary challenges and discomforts completely worth it. Whatever it is that you’re feeling right now, know that the world is yours. Life gets pretty exciting once you venture beyond your comfort zone!

Two of Wands keywords

Progress, planning, discovery, envisioning the future, important choices, having options, make decisions, wanderlust, going for it, travel, leaving your comfort zone, embracing risks, fear of the unknown, lack of planning, fear of change, indecision, playing it safe.

two of wands tarot card
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Two of Wands upright meaning

Okay, babe, it looks like you are well on your way towards success, but this is not the time to rest on your laurels. The universe is asking, What’s next? How do you keep this powerful momentum going? One thing’s for sure: It’s time for you to explore, expand, and grow in order to reach your fullest potential. How exactly will you do that? Do you stay or do you go? Is it this path or is it that one? It’s up to you to listen to your intuition and figure it out. Trust that you hold the immense power to do so!

Before you make a major decision such as this one, take time to gain as much information as possible so you can create a clear plan to follow. This could mean making a literal pros and cons list using what you already know or getting all of this intangible information into some sort of tangible form, but it could also mean taking a trip and seeing more of the world in order to gain new experiences. Sometimes getting out of your usual environment can help you see exactly what you're missing. Then, you can make your next steps and true desires wildly visible.

Two of Wands reversed meaning

Why would you ever want to hold yourself back from greatness, happiness, and wonderful experiences? It’s completely understandable to be afraid of the unknown, but don't let those fears keep you stuck and “comfortable.” I mean, are you really comfortable at the moment, or are you just settling? You could have so much more than this. You really don’t know what you don’t know yet. It’s good to want more, bigger, and better for yourself!

Or maybe you do know that you want more for yourself, but you aren’t exactly sure how to accomplish that. Whatever it is, this is your signal to turn inward. Pause and reassess your life’s direction, then create a new plan led by your intuition so you can finally go for it. Release the stuff that scares you, and have confidence that you can create positive changes in your life. It’s SO much better to try something new with a pinch of uncertainty than to stick with something that you know is unsatisfactory. Just because it’s known doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

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