Queen Elizabeth's Former Lady-in-Waiting to Publish a Memoir

Queen Elizabeth's former lady-in-waiting, Lady Pamela Hicks, has written a memoir about her years spent with the Queen, My Years with the Queen: and Other Stories. Lady Pamela, now 93 years old, is Prince Philip's first cousin. Her father, Lord Mountbatten, was a mentor to King Charles before he was assassinated in 1979.

Lady Pamela's daughter, India Hicks, announced the memoir on her Instagram. "How exciting, my mother’s book 'My Years With The Queen and Other Stories' will be published around the time of my mother’s 94th birthday in April 2023, a celebratory and deeply personal story of the events, values and loyalties which have defined her life, as well as an unequalled portrait of the Queen."

Per the publisher, "Lady Pamela was by the side of Queen Elizabeth II for some of the most important moments of her life. She served as a bridesmaid at the Queen's marriage, attended her Coronation and accompanied the royal couple as a lady-in-waiting on several overseas tours. But as first cousin to the Duke of Edinburgh and second cousin to the Queen, she spent time with them in more relaxed settings too, and enjoyed the lifelong privilege of knowing them as simply Philip and Lilibet."

The announcement of the memoir comes on the heels of the news that Queen Camilla will no longer have ladies-in-waiting. "How very sensible," Lady Pamela told India, per India's Instagram. "The world changes, you can’t stay still." The book will be published in the UK in April 2023, and a U.S. publication date will be announced in the future.

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