Did the Queen try to send Parliament a message with her hat?

Lauren Sharkey
<i>Twitter thinks the Queen’s hat was meant to resemble the EU flag [Photo: PA]</i>
Twitter thinks the Queen’s hat was meant to resemble the EU flag [Photo: PA]

The Queen prides herself on staying out of the political race. Although she has the right to vote, the monarch – along with the rest of the royal family – refrain from doing so in order to remain apolitical.

But some think Her Majesty may have sent a secret Brexit message to the nation.

During the Queen’s Brexit-dominated speech earlier today, the monarch appeared in a bright blue outfit and matching hat featuring flowers with yellow centres.

People immediately took to Twitter to note the similarities between her hat and the EU flag.

The Queen’s views on Brexit are unclear. In March 2016, The Sun published a story claiming Her Majesty “backs” Britain leaving the European Union.

Buckingham Palace were quick to deny the allegation, complaining to press watchdog IPSO.

IPSO ruled that the story was “significantly misleading” but The Sun‘s editor-in-chief Tony Gallagher said he disagreed after receiving intel from a credible source.

Do we honestly believe after 64 years that the Queen would make a political statement for the first time?


Or maybe everyone is just looking way too much into this.

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