'Queen's Gambit' EP Addresses Season 2 Questions and Fans Will Be Devastated

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'Queen's Gambit' EP Addresses Season 2 Questions and Fans Will Be Devastated

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The Queen's Gambit's success is simply undeniable. According to Netflix, the series, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, shattered records with 62 million households watching in the first 28 days of release (a record that was later broken by Bridgerton and Lupin, which had 63 million+ and 70+ million viewers, respectively). What's more, The Queen's Gambit picked up two Golden Globe nominations — one for best limited series and another for best actress in a limited series.

Naturally, all the attention The Queen's Gambit has been getting from critics and fans alike is making folks think about the show's future. Though the show has always been marketed as a "limited series" and follows the events laid out in Walter Tevis's novel of the same name, many wonder if Netflix will try to push for more given the seven episodes' tremendous streaming numbers.

So, will there be a season 2 of The Queen's Gambit?


If it were up to Anya alone, the answer would likely be a resounding yes. "I adore the character, and I would certainly come back if I was asked to," Anya told Town & Country last year.

Alas, the decision isn't entirely Anya's to make and it doesn't seem like a second installment was ever a definite possibility in the first place.

"It's so surreal and very wonderful that people want a second season, because we never thought about it, there was no discussion about it," the 24-year-old actress told Deadline. "That said, never say 'never' in Hollywood."


If Anya could go further with her character, she explained in the same interview that she would want to see more of Beth Harmon's life outside of the world of chess. "It would be very interesting to see how Beth would be as a mother, now that she's sober and more cognizant of the demons that pull her down."

While season 2 isn't totally out of the question, executive producer William Horberg's recent comments to Deadline make it seem like an unlikely reality. Though he and creator Scott Frank are excited to see the show perform so well, they both prefer to let the seven existing episodes stand on their own.

"We felt that the series had a satisfying endpoint and we’d allow the audience to fill in the space as to what happens next for Beth Harmon,” he said. "Nothing has changed, despite fans demanding more on my Twitter feed. Scott and I feel really happy about the completeness of Beth’s story."

Sounds like fans are just going to have to imagine Beth's future instead of seeing it play out in subsequent episodes. Sigh.

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