Quest for the best: These are the top samosas in Calgary, says restaurant critic

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Protein wrapped in dough is one of the most popular ways to make a meal in any culture, and a delicious example of that are samosas.

The dish was created around the fifth century in the Middle East, but different variations of it quickly spread throughout Asia.

There are many different fillings based on region and dietary laws, but for the most part, samosas are a crowd favourite.

And because of that, the Calgary Eyeopener sent out its restaurant reviewer, Elizabeth Carson, to find the greatest samosa Calgary has to offer.

"I have never met a samosa I didn't like," Carson told the Eyeopener.

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"I think they're the consummate food because there's no cutlery needed and it's good cold, warm or hot."

But she couldn't judge a bunch of samosas by herself.

So with the help of Mayor Naheed Nenshi and his mother, Nurry Nenshi, they set out on the quest for the best in the city.

Nurry is particularly fond of the food item, and Carson calls her a samosa "extraordinaire."

"When I got married, I didn't know how to cook," said Nurry.

"My mother-in-law, she showed me how to do it and I was scared.… I got married and I didn't know how to cook and she wanted to help. So I would do a couple of (samosas)."

In her samosa recipe, she makes them crispy and adds a bit of lemon juice inside.

Samosa Winners!

The judges tried seven different samosas across the city and picked their top five choices.

Carson says most of the options they chose were beef, but they also had one one chicken and one vegetarian option.

Some of the things the judges looked for when voting was spice or flavour, the wrapper, filling quality and, of course, appearance.

5. Tiffin Curry & Roti House 188 28th St. S.E.

Judges say this restaurant sold a very "pretty" samosa and that it was golden brown with a crispy wrapper.

However, according to the judges, the filling was too bland and didn't have enough salt or onion.

4. The Samosa Factory 55 Westwinds Cres. N.E. and 11652 Sarcee Trail N.W.

Carson says Calgary Eyeopener listeners emailed in about this samosa being their favourite.

The judges say that while it was mild in flavour, the samosa had a good wrapper and the appearance was pleasant.

3. Apna Punjab 5150 47th St. N.E.

Elizabeth Carson
Elizabeth Carson

Apna Punjab had a Punjabi style samosa, so the wrapper was thicker. As well, the traditional filling was more solid.

"It was too greasy for me but not for the others," said Carson.

Judges also say the spices used in this samosa were a good combination.

2. Punjabi Sweet House & Restaurant 216 Saddletowne Circle N.E.

Elizabeth Carson
Elizabeth Carson

Carson says this samosa was coned shaped and "extremely" tasty. She says its filling included chicken, peas, onion and curry.

"The heat level was just enough to say, 'Hello, wake up,'" she said.

1. Chuma's BBQ & Street Foods 5120 47th St. N.E.

The best samosa in the city, according to the judges, comes from a tiny new restaurant in the city's northeast.

The samosa itself is north African style — flat and triangular.

"It was absolutely the winner of the appearance contest. It was beautifully presented with lemon, carrot and green garnish," Carson said.

She says the samosa had a thin, golden crispy wrapper and an amazing aroma.

"It had a great kick of heat on the back end and lots of beef, onion, lemon, cumin and turmeric."

She says it also came with a coconut chutney, which was a perfect accompaniment.

Do you have a favourite samosa that isn't on the list? Tell us where we can try it in the comments below!

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