Quiz! Can you match these famous characters to the videogame?

Rob Waugh
·1 min read
Quiz! Can you match these famous characters to the videogame?

March 2021 saw the unveiling of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan - a $578 million (£419 million) area devoted to everything Nintendo (and especially Mario).

The mustachioed plumber recently celebrated the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros (although hardcore geeks will know he made his debut on Donkey Kong).

So how well do you know your iconic game characters?

From Halo to the Legend of Zelda game, our multiple choice quiz will test your knowledge of the world’s most iconic game series.

It starts off easy, with some fairly basic questions that anyone who’s ever lifted a joypad in anger will be able to breeze through.

But stick with it, and there’s some tougher questions later on, with slightly older characters from less well-known games.

And just to bamboozle your brains, there are a few rounds where we’ll ask you to pick out the one entry which ISN’T a real game starring Mario and other iconic game characters.

How well do you REALLY know game characters? Try your luck below!

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