R. Kelly accusers tell Megyn Kelly they were forced to call singer 'Daddy' or get slapped

Jon San
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

This morning on Megyn Kelly Today, two women accusing R. Kelly of abuse spoke out about their experiences with the singer. Kitti Jones, who previously told her story to Rolling Stone,  spent two years in R. Kelly’s home and explained his tactics of manipulation.

“I had to stand up when he would walk in a room,” Jones said. She also said she was required to be on his phone plan “so he can control who you’re talking to, how often you talk to your family, [and] what you’re texting.”

Recently activists linked to the #TimesUp movement have protested R. Kelly, coining the hashtag #MuteRKelly and asking streaming services and labels to drop him. Director Ava DuVernay is among the more notable names to join the rising chorus.

Asante McGee, who says she dated the singer from 2014 to 2016, told Megyn Kelly another disturbing demand Kelly forced on his girlfriends.

“We were required to call him Daddy,” McGee said. “He told us to call him Daddy.”

“If you didn’t,” said Jones, “you’d get slapped.”

Kelly has denied all allegations of abuse, but two other guests on Megyn Kelly, husband and wife Tim and Jonjelyn Savage, say their daughter, Joycelyn, is being held against her will in one of the singer’s homes. At one point, Kelly read a statement from Joycelyn saying she’s happily — and voluntarily — living with R. Kelly. Her parents argue that very statement is false due to one glaring error: The statement, reportedly issued by Joycelyn herself, spells her name as Jocelyn.

“As you see that, Joycelyn’s name is spelled wrong on there,” Tim Savage said. Megyn Kelly continued, saying, “R. Kelly’s representatives gave that to us, purportedly from Joycelyn, who apparently has spelled her own name wrong.”

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