Rachel McAdams Hasn't Had Hair This Dark in a Decade

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Even when Rachel McAdams isn't frequenting red carpets, she lives rent-free in most of our brains as a beloved actor and timeless beauty icon; she moved in about 20 years ago and just never left. And I think I speak for most of us when I say the default mental photograph of McAdams is a blonde one. But as of this week, she's sporting a hair color we rarely see on her — and a pattern may be emerging.

For the last few years, McAdams has been seen wearing gorgeous variations of bronde — an overall blonde shade with a fair amount of brown mixed in (see above). But when she arrived at the opening night of Broadway's An Enemy of the People, it became clear that she's got much more than just a fair amount of brown mixed in. She's now a full-blown brunette.

The new hue is a rich medium brown with hints of caramel highlights. She wore her hair deeply side parted with smooth, shiny, loose curls cascading over her navy blue turtleneck.

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Rachel McAdams

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It's been a solid decade since the last time McAdams wore her hair this dark, the last time being in 2014 when she was doing the press rounds for The Most Wanted Man. In fact, it was a nearly identical color.

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Rachel McAdams 2014

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And interestingly, McAdams had brown hair in 2004 as well, making me wonder if she has a calendar reminder set for every 10 years, prompting her to go back to brunette.

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Rachel McAdams 2004

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How long she's stuck with brown hair in the past has varied — she definitely seems to gravitate toward lighter looks in general — but at least we can look forward to another round of brunette in 2034.

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