Radio host unleashes epic rant on Yankees fan frustrated with Aaron Judge

If you’re a sport radio host in New York, chances are you’ve heard it all. But that doesn’t stop certain callers and certain opinions from getting really old, really fast.

Case in point, YES Network host Don La Greca had officially heard all he wanted to hear from Steve from Brooklyn during Thursday’s broadcast alongside Yankees television voice Michael Kay, so he unleashed an epic rant that he hoped would set the caller straight.

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It stemmed from Steve suggesting that Aaron Judge, the American League home run leader with 37, should have been pinch hit for during Wednesday’s win against the Mets.

Based on La Greca’s reaction it was just the latest in a string of opinions from said caller that he vehemently disagreed with, and so the rant began.

Here’s the video and audio from the YES Network, which includes Michael Kay’s take on the caller.

And here’s the transcript of La Greca’s portion of the rant.

Take a look at the news. Watch the news for five minutes, Steve, and then tell me that your life is awful. You’re a clown, Steve, and I’m tired of the clown show. Tired of it. You’ve got a playoff team, you’ve got a team that’s won three in a row, and you’re miserable because you love being miserable because that’s what you’re about. You’re a clown, Steve. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of you wasting our time on the air with your clown shoe garbage. Tired of it. Michael might wanna entertain it. I’m tired with it. Lose the number, Steve. Tired. Of it.

I’m a Met fan who has to watch a team, that was supposed to go to the World Series, be 12 games under .500 and you got a playoff team that’s beaten my team three in a row, and you’re complaining about a guy being pinched-hit for or not being pinched for in the ninth inning? Get a life. Watch CNN. You could be, God forbid, a person in Barcelona today. You’re miserable because of Aaron Judge not being pinched-hit for? You’re a clown. Get a life, Steve. Don’t bother my life. Lose the number. You’re banned. You’re not allowed to call anymore.

To La Greca’s credit, he managed to get through that without adding any profanity. That makes our job of transcribing much easier, and we think it makes the point even stronger too when you can let loose yet still show some restraint.

Aaron Judge’s second-half slump is drawing the ire of some Yankees fans. (AP)

The line about the terrorist attack in Spain on Thursday was a little awkward, but apparently that was La Greca’s way of adding perspective to a situation that really isn’t all that important when we step back and look at recent events happening in the United States and abroad.

By the way, despite striking out in Wednesday’s game and extending his single-season streak to a record 33 games with at least one strikeout, Judge did homer while collecting his first multi-hit game since July 18.

If there was a game to complain about Judge’s performance and usage, that probably wasn’t it. But we’re guessing Steve isn’t alone in his frustration either considering Judge’s high strikeout totals and sub-.200 average since his dubious streak — now at 34 games — began.

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