Ramaswamy Confronted on Air Over Bogus Biden Bribe Claim


Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on Wednesday found himself in yet another interview in which his relationship with facts came under fire. Speaking to CNN anchor Dana Bash in Miami after the third GOP debate in the 2024 race, Ramaswamy first floated the idea that the Democratic Party isn’t being “honest” about who its “nominee is gonna be,” adding that “we all quietly acknowledge it’s very unlikely to be Joe Biden.” He then went on to say he’d “called out the Hunter Biden corruption from Ukraine and the $5 million bribe, and I will continue to do that.” Bash pointed out that CNN had earlier done a fact-check on the supposed bribe, explaining to Ramaswamy: “You’re making an allegation where there’s no evidence to back that up.” The GOP hopeful went on to claim there’s “a lot of circumstantial evidence and testimonial evidence to suggest it” and vowed to continue calling out corruption in both parties. “But you just admitted there’s no evidence,” Bash replied.

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