Randy Quaid shares gut-wrenching recollection of being raped at 5 years old

Jennifer Kline, AOL.com

Although most of the recent sexual harassment and assault headlines center on powerful men in the media, actor Randy Quaid spoke up this week to remind the world that perpetrators are everywhere. In his case, an alleged attacker came in the form of a trusted neighbor.

In a series of explosive and disturbing tweets, Quaid, 67, described being raped at five years old by a 14-year-old neighbor. The actor remembers the alleged encounter quite vividly, going into detail about the harrowing incident.

It was a summer day in 1956, the Academy Award winner said, when he went over to the teen's house to play croquet: "He said we could if I would go into the bathroom. It was an odd request, but I complied," Quaid wrote. "He followed me into the bathroom and shut the door behind us."

From there, the teenage boy allegedly began to sodomize Quaid, who was terrified. "The look in his eyes frightened me. He had suddenly transformed into this hideous monster I didn't recognize," he said. "I started to cry, begging him to let me go."

The teen threatened to hit him over a head with a glass bottle if he didn't behave, Quaid said. As the act transpired, it was so painful that "I thought I was dying," he said.

After recounting the incident, Quaid drew a larger connection to Hollywood as whole. "Many actors have experienced severe emotional trauma in their lives ... For us, acting is more than a career, it's a way of coping, a welcome survival mechanism."

Quaid went on to accuse two Hollywood figures of wronging him over the years in various ways -- studio executive Bruce Berman and producer Robert Boyette.