‘Ransom Canyon’: Marianly Tejada, Jack Schumacher, Garrett Wareing & Andrew Liner Among 13 Cast In Netflix Drama Series

EXCLUSIVE: Marianly Tejada (One of Us Is Lying), Jack Schumacher (Top Gun: Maverick), Garrett Wareing (Manifest) and Andrew Liner (Vampire Academy) have joined Ransom Canyon as series regulars. Also cast in the Netflix drama series as recurring are Brett Cullen (Winning Time), Grey’s Anatomy alumna Kate Burton, Jaren Robledo (Rez Ball), Jennifer Ens (Chapelwaite), Kenneth Miller (The Cleaning Lady), Niko Guardado, Justin Johnson Cortez and Casey W. Johnson. Philip Winchester (Strike Back) will guest star.

The actors join previously cast series regulars Josh Duhamel, Minka Kelly, James Brolin, Eoin Macken and Lizzy Greene.

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Based on the book series by Jodi Thomas, Ransom Canyon is a romance-fueled family drama and contemporary Western saga that charts the intersecting lives of three ranching families, all set against the rugged expanse of Texas Hill Country.

Tejada plays the rough and whip-smart Ellie Estevez, who is the personification of “Do no harm, but take no sh*t,” specifically from resident curmudgeon Cap (Brolin), whom she looks after. Ellie’s young, hungry and driven to make her mark in Ransom Canyon. She has no interest in settling down with a romantic partner, at least not yet, which is why she’s a bit thrown when she crosses paths with mysterious newcomer Yancy.

Schumacher plays the charming yet enigmatic Yancy Grey, a drifter with a secretive, troubled past. No one knows much about this newcomer, and Yancy would like to keep it that way. But his past catches up to him as he fights to hide it from Ellie, Cap, and the town he’s starting to call home.

Wareing plays Lucas Russell. While struggling to provide for his family by working at the Double K Ranch, Lucas is always on the outside looking in. He’s determined to achieve a brighter future than Ransom Canyon has to offer, and he’s got the mind and work ethic to propel him there. This mind-set aligns perfectly with head cheerleader Lauren’s (Greene) desire to leave Ransom, and the two find that may not be the only desire they have in common.

Liner plays Reid Collins. Toeing the line between confident and cocky, Reid seemingly has the perfect life as the star quarterback of Ransom High, Lauren’s boyfriend and heir to the Collins family ranch. He was devastated when his cousin was killed in a car accident but doesn’t let that stop him from living life to the fullest as a 16-year-old with nothing to lose. Behind the arrogant exterior, though, lies a caring, emotional boy eager to be loved and with a secret that’s haunting him.

Robledo plays Jack Yellowbird. Jack is Lucas’ best friend. He is a member of the high school band and has a car. Jack believes in love and does not like guys who are handed a “hall pass” through life.

Johnson plays Kit Russell, Lucas’ well-meaning brother who’s a magnet for trouble. He has a penchant for drinking and women. But despite all his flaws, Kit is a dedicated brother trying his best to take on the role of parent to Lucas.

Ens is Ashley, Lauren’s fellow cheerleader and on- and off-again best friend.

Cullen plays Senator Samuel “Sam” Kirkland, a charismatic, self-serving politician and Staten’s (Duhamel) father. Sam only comes into town with a political angle or to show off his newest wife on occasion. Sam will go as far as to double-cross his own son to get the water pipeline running through Ransom.

Burton plays Katherine Bullock, Quinn’s (Kelly) music mentor. A tough but compassionate New Yorker and the director of the New York Philharmonic, she is determined to whisk Quinn away from Ransom Canyon and return her to the world of classical music in New York City, where she believes Quinn’s talent belongs.

Guardado plays Tim O’Grady, Reid’s eternal shadow and the wide receiver on the football team. Together, Tim and Reid have been through a lot – and are harboring some heavy secrets. Although he butts heads with his mother, Angie, Tim has a strong relationship with his Aunt Quinn.

Winchester plays Sheriff Dan Brigman, Ransom Canyon PD’s no-nonsense sheriff and Lauren’s loving but strict father, determined to keep her away from Lucas. Dan faces the challenges of raising a strong-willed daughter whose only goal is to leave home and caring for a wife with alcohol and mental health issues who abandons her family, all while investigating the hit-and-run death of Staten’s son.

Cortez plays Kai, a deputy on the Ransom Canyon Police Force under Sheriff Dan Lazano. Kai is learning the ropes in his job: picking up drunks, working security detail, and handing out parking tickets when needed. Kai is wary and suspicious of the new foreman in town, Yancy. Kai is protective of Ellie and doesn’t want to see Ellie hurt by Yancy.

Miller plays Freddie, Yancy’s menacing old prison mate. He’s spent time behind bars and it shows. Threatening to expose Yancy’s past (or worse), Freddie follows Yancy to Ransom with the hope of joining whatever con it is Yancy’s hiding

April Blair is the series creator, writer and executive producer. Amanda Marsalis is set to direct the first two of Season 1’s 10 episodes.

Tejada is repped by Karli Doumanis and Jake Miller at Zero Gravity and Yorn, Levine, Barnes, Krintzman, Rubenstein, Kohner, Endlich, Goodell & Gellman. Schumacher is repped by Stewart Talent. Miller is repped by Joseph Le Talent Agency and Matt Sherman Management. Wareing is repped by Paradigm, 23 Management Group, and Myman Greenspan Fox.

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