Raven-Symoné and 'Raven's Home' cast walk off set to protest 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Raven-Symoné and the cast of Raven's Home took a stand Tuesday against the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill, joining Disney employees at other locations in walking out on the job.

"What's up? We're the cast of Raven's Home and the [executive producers], and we are walking out today in support of [stopping] this ridiculous bill!" Symoné said, as the others cheered. "We don't like it. We're walking out. It's stupid. We love everyone, and support, support, support."

The Raven's Home team and others oppose legislation officially named "Parental Rights in Education," which says public school teachers are not allowed to teach students in certain grades about sexual orientation and gender identity. They are also not allowed to discuss the subject, which is a problem for kids whose family members are gay or are gay themselves. Parents could sue the school district for any violations.

Disney leadership has been criticized for the company's lack of response to the bill. CEO Bob Chapek did not state the company's opposition to it until after it had already passed the Florida legislature on Feb. 9. Gov. Ron DeSantis has since said that he plans to sign it into law. Meanwhile, Chapek has apologized to employees for the company's initial inaction and vowed to pause political donations in the state.

"In support of our LGBTQ+ family and all of those who will be damaged by the 'don't say gay bill' we the cast of Ravens Home are walking out," Symoné, who married Miranda Pearman-Maday in June 2020, captioned her post. "In todays world it is imperative that we take stands, show support, and move forward not backwards. Every family every person and every child deserves to be recognized no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation. Education that reflects the truth and the world we live in is something we must fight for."

Ahead of the walkouts, Disney issued a statement across all its social media channels supporting the LGBTQ community. Meanwhile, besides Symoné, several other high-profile Disney stars also spoke against the legislation on Tuesday, including Kerry Washington, Mark Ruffalo and Oscar Isaac.