In the 'Reacher' Season 2 Finale, a Violent Promise Was Kept

'Reacher' Season 2 Finale: Recap Brooke Palmer - Amazon Prime

The following contains spoilers for Reacher season 2.

When Jack Reacher makes a promise, he follows through. Case in point: The Amazon Prime Video hero said that he would throw a guy out of a helicopter in season 2 and, in full Reacher revenge fashion, the big season 2 finale saw Jack Reacher actor Alan Ritchson throw the villainous Shane Langston (played by Robert Patrick) out of a helicopter. "In an investigation, assumptions kill!" may not have been the coolest punchline for Reacher to scream before dropping a guy 3,000 feat to his death, but our boy got his man. Did we ever think he wouldn't?

Fans theorized that Reacher would kill Langston in this exact matter since the beginning of the series. Sure, you could have just read Lee Child's novel Bad Luck and Trouble to figure out the ending, but if you hadn't, you could have also just listened when Reacher said it himself back in episode 4. He literally said, "I am going to throw you out of a helicopter." Hello!

You see, Langston was a former police detective who became head of security for a private defense contractor named New Age. After Reacher's former special investigations unit starts poking around, trying to uncover Langston's backdoor scheme to sell missiles, Langston begins knocking them off, one-by-one. Ultimately, he kills four of Reacher's old friends by throwing them off of a helicopter. So, when Reacher finally solves the case, he makes revenge his single promise.

alan ritchson jack reacher
Hold on, I just have to call a guy and tell him that I’m going to throw him out of a helicopter. Brooke Palmer - Amazon Prime

When his mission is finally complete, Reacher finds himself with the $65 million that Langston was going to receive for selling the missiles. Instead of turning the money over to law enforcement, he uses it to help improve the lives of everyone associated with the special investigations team. He gives some cash to the families who lost their husbands, some to Neagley's father for round-the-clock care he requires, some to a local animal shelter, and more to the others in his squad.

As for himself, Reacher buys a new toothbrush and a year-long bus pass. Our nomad hero is back on the move. Still, Reacher doesn't leave New York without some signs of emotional growth. When asked by a man on the Trailways bus what he was up to in the big city, he responds, "Visiting family."

Luckily for fans, Reacher has already been renewed for season 3. Production is already underway, but we wouldn't want to assume anything about where Reacher is headed next. As our hero would say, "Assumptions kill!"

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