'Real Housewives' star collapses during drunken fight with Bethenny Frankel

On Wednesday night’s Real Housewives of New York, Sonja Morgan collapsed after drunkenly picking fights with both Luann De Lesseps and Betheny Frankel. She even went as far as to tell Bethenny that she’s “not hot” that she would “knock her out.” Before Sonja had the chance to knock Bethenny out, she knocked herself right off the table and collapsed onto the floor with a thud while the rest of the Housewives clamored around her. Before collapsing, Sonja also fought with Luann De Lesseps. “Get off your high horse,” Sonja stated. After some more back and forth, Luann stormed out and exclaimed that she wouldn’t speak to Sonja while she’s drinking. During a confessional Luann even wondered if Sonja had consumed something other than alcohol. “And I'm the crazy one thinking that Sonja might be on something,” Luann asked. “Maybe it's something other than alcohol here.” Bethenny went to speak to Luann privately and told her that she shouldn’t insinuate Sonja is on something and believed Sonja was right to be upset about that. “You shouldn’t be running around saying she’s on something,” Bethenny explained. “Go to her and take her on the side.” Luann told Bethenny that Sonja was not in the right frame of mind for her to be able to have that conversation with her. Fans on Twitter mostly sided with Luann. We hope Sonja was okay, but will have to wait until next week to find out.

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