‘It’s really painful’: What Dabo Swinney said after Clemson football loss to NC State

The Clemson football team is 4-4 and 2-4 in the ACC after Saturday’s 24-17 loss to N.C. State at Carter-Finley Stadium. Here are highlights of what coach Dabo Swinney said afterward.

Swinney opening statement

“A tough loss for us, great win for them. Biggest positive: Our guys never quit. They played their hearts out. They showed their character. You saw the character of our team, the heart of our team. ... I’m proud of that.

“We’re a team that’s making too many critical mistakes, and that’s my responsibility — period. It’s tough to watch.

“It’s really painful. I don’t know what to tell you other than it’s a really hurt football team and staff. We pour a lot into trying to be our best, pour a lot into trying to win. It’s just not going our way. A lot of days it has. Right now it’s not. That’s my responsibility.

“It doesn’t get any easier. We’ve got tough games ahead. We’ve got to flush this one. We’ve got to find a way to win a game.”

More from Dabo

On QB Cade Klubnik: “He did a lot of good things. ... He battled his butt off. He made some good decisions.”

On injured RB Will Shipley: Asked how Shipley was doing, Swinney first said. “I’m not sure.” He followed up later and said, “I think they did some X-rays, maybe on his neck,” and said he didn’t know the results.

On all the injuries the team is dealing with: “We’ve still got enough to win. It’s my responsibility to make it happen. We’re just not getting it done right now.”

On what the motivation is for the next four games: “Pride. Win a game. Try to have the best finish. Put your eyes forward. You’ve got to move on. You can quit and lay down, or you can keep moving, keep swinging. The motivation is to try to win a game and have the best possible finish that we can.”

On the team’s streak ending for winning 10 games in a season: “We’ll have to start a new one. ... It’s hard to win. They end somewhere. All streaks come to an end ... What a freakin’ run. Historic. Nobody wants to hear that right now. It’s historic what we’ve been able to do as a program.”