Reese Witherspoon throwing ice cream at Meryl Streep is the internet's new favorite thing

Raechal Shewfelt
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Meryl Streep and Reese Witherspoon make a memory at the AFI tribute to Diane Keaton on June 8, 2017, in Hollywood. (Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Turner)

Oh, the feud is on between Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep — or at least their characters — as the actresses film the highly anticipated second season of HBO’s Big Little Lies. It’s different than most celeb spats these days, though, because instead of happening on social media, with the two lobbing messages back and forth, the drama went down in real life, as they filmed their show Wednesday in L.A.

Witherspoon, who’s both a star and producer on the Emmy-winning drama, pelted Meryl Streep, the three-time Oscar winner and a new member of the cast, with ice cream on the street. It’s a dead giveaway that, predictably, Witherspoon’s Madeline Mackenzie will tangle with Streep’s character, Mary Louise Wright, the mother-in-law of Nicole Kidman‘s Celeste Wright.


Immediately after the photos surfaced, the internet stepped in to do its thing, with people quickly crafting funny memes and adding their witty remarks. So while audiences won’t see the footage that was shot of Witherspoon and Streep’s ice cream encounter until Big Little Lies returns in 2019, the scene is already providing plenty of entertainment.

Even Witherspoon weighed in with an amusing comment.

Here are some of the best reactions out there so far:

In reality, of course, Witherspoon and Streep are just peachy. Witherspoon recalled her reaction to the news that Streep would join the show’s cast on a March episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers: “[Meryl] sent an email to Nicole and I, and it said, ‘OK, I read the part and I love it and I’m going to do it.’ I, like, dropped the phone and then I called Nicole and was like, ‘Is this real life?'”

What a welcome.

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