Remember when: Kim Kardashian flees Vienna's Life Ball after blackface incident Editors

This annual Life Ball is around the corner, returning to Vienna's City Hall for the 26th year on June 8, and we're taking a look back at one of the most iconic moments from the event.

In 2014, E!'s "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" captured (check out the videos above for a flashback) Kim's unpleasant experience at Europe's biggest charity event. Kim and Kris Jenner attended the Life Ball as dates of Viennese millionaire mall developer Richard Lugner, who in the past has taken Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra as plus ones.

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What was supposed to be an A-list and elegant affair for charity took an ugly turn of events when Kim arrived at the palace and was greeted by comedian, Chris Stephans, who appeared in blackface, pretending to be Kardashian's then-fiancé Kanye West.

Stephans asked the Orchestra to play “N---as in Vienna” – an apparent reference to West’s song “N---as in Paris.”

Kim admitted it was "scary" after the constant badgering by Stephans, while Kris noted how "uncomfortable" the bizarre incident was.

Kim immediately left the event in awe and headed back to her hotel room with Kris, only to find Kris' luggage sliced open with tens of thousands of dollars worth of designer items stolen.

“I can barely believe what I’m looking at,” Kris said “Somebody went through my stuff and has actually taken half of it...Look what they did to my suitcases – they sliced them!” Jenner added that she felt very “violated" after someone rummaged through her personal belongings - including Chanel bags and shoes and a special gift from Kanye.

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Chris Stephans ultimately took to social media to apologize for his racist actions following the Life Ball. 

"I am very sorry that this whole situation went badly and was completely misunderstood. I am myself an Arab, born in Austria! Under no circumstance did I want to come across as racist with this action and again apologize to everyone who felt offended," he wrote.

The 2019 Life Ball is set to have a star-studded guest list including Katie Holmes, Kelly Osbourne and Alan Cummings.  Check out Vienna's Life Ball red carpet through the years in the gallery below!