Ren Founder Rob Calcraft Launches New Skin Care Brand

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Ren Clean Skincare founder Rob Calcraft is back with a new brand, Cultured, set to launch direct-to-consumer and with Cult Beauty on Thursday.

Calcraft cofounded Ren in 2000 and had no intentions to develop another skin care line until he read “I Contain Multitudes” by Ed Young and discovered the science behind the microbiome. Calcraft then felt like there was something new to contribute to the clean beauty industry, which has seen a crop of brands pop up that address microbiome health.

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Enter Cultured and the Biome One collection, a trio of products aimed to support and balance the skin microbiome, the layer of bacteria on the skin’s surface that protects against pathogens. The health of the microbiome is directly correlated to skin issues.

“When somebody has everything from acne to rosacea to sensitive skin to chronically dry skin, there generally tends to be a microbiome that’s quite unhappy that goes along beside it,” said Calcraft. Living in urban areas and over-cleansing the skin can cause damage to the microbiome, he explained.

The Biome One trio, which Calcraft refers to as a “life-changing threesome” was developed to support and work with the microbiome using actives that include prebiotics, postbiotics, ferments, micro-algae extracts and counter-preservatives. By protecting and working with the biome, the barrier is meant to be strengthened, protecting against toxins and ultimately promoting healthier skin. The trio includes a 32 euro cleansing balm, a 55 euro multiactive serum and a 48 euro triacid jelly mask.

The microbiome actives in the collection are meant to penetrate the skin cells to boost collagen, elastin and antimicrobial peptides production for glowy and youthful skin, according to the brand. With the Biome One collection, Calcraft is asking consumers to “say goodbye to skin care, say hello to biome care.” He explained, “that means putting your microbiome first in your skin care.…This is all about a stronger skin barrier, healthier skin, skin that can take care of itself better. It’s self care for your skin much more directly.”

Cultured’s Biome One trio will launch on their website and on on Thursday. The line will also be available at Space NK in January followed by Mecca Cosmetica in the spring. While the Biome One trio is all about skin care, microbiome care is not limited to the skin and neither is Cultured. Calcraft plans to develop more microbiome support products for the Cultured brand in the future.

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