Report: Philip Rivers could be benched for Tyrod Taylor if interception woes continue

In a season of quarterback benchings, no one is safe. Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is definitely in unsafe territory going into Week 13.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Chargers could bench Rivers if he continues to produce turnovers, which has been an unwelcome feature of his games over the past several weeks.

Rivers, 37, has been with the Chargers for 16 seasons. While he’s normally pretty steady, he’s fallen into a major slump over his past two games. He threw seven total interceptions in those two games, the most he’s ever give up in consecutive games in his entire career. He’s second in total interceptions this season with 14, behind only Jameis Winston with 20.

Rivers knows he has to do better. During the recent bye week, when head coach Anthony Lynn evaluated the entire staff, Rivers evaluated his own game and knows that he needs to improve.

Philip Rivers could be benched for his backup if he doesn't stop throwing interceptions. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

“A turnover here and there is a part of [playing]; it just can’t come in the bulk that they’ve come in the past two weeks and the situations they’ve come in,” Rivers told the Denver Post. “For me, there are a few in each of those games that have been just poor throws. There have been a few decisions [that] were poor [as well].”

Lynn needs his veteran quarterback to do better. Even though he’s ready to make that decision should Rivers’ play not improve, he doesn’t think he’ll have to.

"I don't plan on having to make that decision," Lynn said this week, via "I plan on us going and playing our tails off this weekend and getting back in that win column. ... Most great athletes, they respond well. I believe Philip is going to respond well."

Rivers will get to prove Lynn right or wrong when the Chargers face the Denver Broncos on Sunday. If Rivers is benched, backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor would take his place.

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