Reporter hits fan with microphone after allegedly being groped on live TV

A reporter recently lashed out at a fan after allegedly being groped during a live television broadcast.

Journalist Maria Fernanda Mora, who works for Fox Sports Mexico, was doing a live report outside of Guadalajara stadium following the team’s win over Toronto last week. Video shows Mora speaking to the camera with a number of fans, getting their reactions.

While the interview starts off with just two subjects, more men join in and surround Mora. At one point, she turns her microphone to the surrounding crowd as they sing.

Fox Sports reporter Maria Fernanda Mora during a live interview outside Guadalajara stadium. (Photo: Fox Sports)

As the fans continue to celebrate, Mora turns and hits one of them with her microphone because, she said, he inappropriately touched her.

She noted in a statement shared on Twitter that at first she thought he was accidentally rubbing against her backside because of the shoving that was taking place, but when he placed his hands on her without her permission twice more, that’s when she decided to act.

Mora hit a man with microphone after he allegedly grabbed her buttocks twice. (Photo: Fox Sports)

Mora said what happened to her “happens to thousands of women every day in countless public spaces.” However, “the difference is that it happened to me on live television and I decided to defend myself.” 


Mora has been praised for taking action. (Photo: Instagram/Maria Fernanda Mora)

The video has since gone viral, getting attention internationally. And while most of it has been positive — many of Mora’s professional peers have used the hashtag #UnaSomosTodas, which translates loosely as “One Like Us All” — she has been alarmed by the “hundreds of comments” that place the blame on her.

“They tell me: ‘I deserved it,’ that I am a ‘bitch,’ that they are going to get me or that they should have ‘raped me,’ that I looked for it and ‘what did I expect from this situation?'” 

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