Rescue Dog 'So Pregnant She Couldn't Even Walk' Gives Birth to 11 'Adorable' Puppies

Meter Maid arrived at Austin Pets Alive! after she was found as a "very shut down and scared" stray, according to the Texas rescue

<p> Courtesy Austin Pet Alive!</p> Meter Maid the pregnant rescue dog shortly before she gave birth to 11 puppies

Courtesy Austin Pet Alive!

Meter Maid the pregnant rescue dog shortly before she gave birth to 11 puppies

Meter Maid the rescue dog is a super mom.

In February, the canine arrived at Austin Pets Alive! (APA) from a city shelter in Texas. Before she was taken in, Meter Maid was found pregnant, "very shut down and scared" in an Austin neighborhood, according to APA. Her rescuers believe the dog received care at some point but was later abandoned.

By the time she moved into APA, Meter Maid was "so pregnant she couldn't even walk outside." The dog's limited mobility didn't keep her from soaking in the sun. To help Meter Maid get outside, APA staff members regularly wheeled her outdoors in a wagon.

After 16 days of receiving doting care at APA, Meter Maid gave birth to 11 puppies. The number of baby dogs surprised shelter workers and helped explain the size of Meter Maid's pregnant belly. All of the puppies were born "adorable and healthy," APA shared. The doggy dozen are currently relaxing together at APA until the puppies are weaned and ready for adoption.

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APA shared a sweet video of Meter Maid's pregnancy story on Instagram. The clip ends with the mom dog cuddling with her 11 new puppies.

"Good job, mama" APA wrote on the video.

Meter Maid's puppies have been given names that match their mother's: Construction Zone, Detour, Valet, Driveway, Parallel Park, Speed Limit, Stop Sign, Sidewalk, Parking Ticket, Street Parking, and Crosswalk.

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APA expects the puppies to be ready for adoption in April and for Meter Maid to become available a week or two after her pups. Staff at the rescue said that the mom of 11 will be a loving, loyal pet to a lucky family based on how well she looks after her puppies.

<p>Courtesy Austin Pet Alive!</p> Meter Maid the dog with her 11 newborn puppies at Austin Pets Alive!

Courtesy Austin Pet Alive!

Meter Maid the dog with her 11 newborn puppies at Austin Pets Alive!

The rescue hopes that Minute Maid's story inspires others to help animals in need, especially vulnerable pets like pregnant strays like Meter Maid.

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"While mama dogs like Meter Maid do a lot of the work raising their pups, it still costs us about $1,000 to feed, vaccinate, and house a family of dogs for several weeks – and most families don't include 11 puppies!" APA wrote alongside Meter Maid's Instagram video.

To learn more about Austin Pets Alive!, and to support the rescue's work, visit APA's website.

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