How to 'respectfully' breastfeed your child in public

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For every unapologetic mom, petitioning parenting group and politician with a child to feed — there’s handful of people who can’t fathom the idea of breastfeeding as a non-sexual, necessary part of life.

That’s why the moderators of Breastfeeding Mama Talk have taken a no BS approach to their latest social media campaign, comparing nursing to other acts of parenting.

“I get so irritated when people say there is a ‘respectful’ way to breastfeed. It just makes no sense,” reads a Facebook post. “With any other parenting decision you don’t hear, ‘Well, you can parent how you want, but just do it respectfully.'”

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Harsh judgement and probing eyes are nothing new for women with children — judged for every snotty nose or crying baby on a flight — even with laws to protect them breastfeeding mothers still fight hard to be deemed socially acceptable.

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“This is how a mother respectfully nurses a baby,” the post — which features a photo of a mom with her tank top pulled down so her baby can eat — continues. “With dignity and confidence. I feel like the way someone chooses to nurse a child doesn’t define the amount of respect they have for themselves and doesn’t define who they are. We are all human beings and somehow we are divided by something as natural as breastfeeding. If you choose to cover up, that’s awesome. If you don’t, that’s awesome too.

“The purpose of nursing isn’t about who shows more boob or who doesn’t. The purpose is to feed a child. And whether it’s done covered, in a private place, or uncovered in the middle of a restaurant, does not define the amount of respect you have. The stigma needs to end. We are just trying to feed our babies.”

We hear you!

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