Reverb's latest feature lets you track the value of your music gear

·Associate Editor
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Reverb, the Etsy-owned online used musical instrument site, has added a feature called Collections that lets you track the value of your musical gear. It can show you at a glance exactly what you own and how much it's worth for "fun, insurance or tax purposes," the company said. It also makes it faster to list an item you want to sell by simply pulling it from your collection. 

To use Collections, you go to your Reverb profile picture and hit "My Collection," which will show everything you own and prompt you to add another item, either something you've purchased from the site or a new item. Doing so brings up a search menu, which draws from a comprehensive database of musical gear to narrow it down to your exact item. 

Once you add an item, Reverb will show an estimate of its value, and if that's off (due to condition or whatever) you can enter your own estimate. Values are constantly updated with dynamic pricing, so you can follow how it's changed over time. 

It's a particularly useful feature for the many musicians who own a lot of gear and often shuffle their collections. It looks like the company has built up a very comprehensive database of guitars, synths, pedals and other gear, which could be a big help if you're trying to value your collection. 

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