Review: Barrington ‘The St. Anne Tote’

I’ve been seeing these tote bags on the arm of dozens of bloggers lately – so when I found myself in the market for a new work bag, I decided to check the brand out for myself. Check out my review below:

The look

This particular tote, The St. Anne, comes in a variety of colours and patterns – everything from tartan to camo. The print that stuck out to me was the deer print. For me, it was a reasonable dupe for the Alexander Wang deer print tote I had contemplated buying for months, but just couldn’t justify the $800+ price tag for something meant to schlep my laptop around in. I am not lying when I say this is one of my most-complimented bags – although the deer print is actually nylon, people always come up to me and ask if they can “pet” it – it looks like luxe fur, without the upkeep. If you’re looking for an everyday bag that looks chic, while still being affordable (think of the Louis Vuitton Never Full at 1/10 of the price), this is right up your alley.

The bag easily holds all your daily office essentials – including a laptop, jacket and a change of shoes – and can double as a travel or overnight bag. 


Basically, this bag has become my go-to for just about everything. The large tote is big enough to use as my every day work bag – carrying my laptop, makeup bag, a large wallet and a variety of other goods – but it can also double as an overnight bag/carry on. It’s big, which means I was worried things would get lost, but the inside has 3 smaller compartments on one side (perfect for a phone, keys, work badge, etc) as well as a larger, zippered pouch on the other side. The only real downside of this bag when it comes to functionality is the lack of a top zipper or closure of any kind, which makes me a little weary when using it as a travel bag or when weather isn’t great. However, if you like the look but are worried about the lack of a zipper, Barrington does have models with one. The leather trim adds a luxe touch – and the best part about this bag? Barrington monograms for $5. I’m a sucker for anything personalized, so that was an amazing touch at a really affordable price.

Inside pockets of the St. Anne Tote


This particular style retails for $145 USD (around $190 CAD) – extremely affordable for a large tote that boasts leather detailing. The last work tote bag I had was an all leather Mulberry tote – which cost several times more than this – and I have to say, I’d choose this one any day. For me, the price point is high enough to know it’s quality, but affordable enough to not worry about using frequently, like I do with some of my more expensive bags.


I’ve used this bag nearly daily in just about every weather condition – rain, snow, blazing heat – and it’s held up wonderfully. The leather trim (and bottom) looks almost brand new, and the nylon barely shows any wear. The straps show some slight fraying and a few threads are coming loose – but that’s after nearly a year of continuous use. The only downside of this bag when it comes to quality is I find that the brown leather rubs off on lighter-coloured clothing – if I carry it over my shoulder it will leave brownish stair around the arm of a shirt or sweater – same if I’m carrying it in the crook of my arm. If I’m wearing a light-coloured garment, I try to stick to carrying it by the handles.


As I mentioned above, this is the perfect carryall for work or a quick overnight trip. A classic tote is always in style – and with several colours, patterns and leather trim options to choose from, this is one you can feel good about using daily.

The Barrington St. Anne Tote retails for $145 USD. Have a bag you want us to review? Let us know by tweeting @YahooStyleCA.