Reviewers Say This Dark Spot Corrector Can Brighten Anything, and It’s 50% Off

Rachel Nussbaum
·2 min read


Skincare concerns come in all shades of the rainbow, from those searching for an anti-aging potion for wrinkles and elasticity gone missing to acne, hyperpigmentation, and melasma. And when you’re dealing with something as stubborn as dark marks, there’s no worse feeling than spending tons of money on products that leave your spots untouched.

Thanks to the booming skincare industry, there are now countless things to try for every issue, but the flipside of that onslaught is now it’s even harder to find the gems that actually work, and work for your situation specifically. So when we come across a serum like Oskia’s CityLife Concentrate that reviewers swear brightens those spots that seem beyond hope or reason, we perk up and pay attention (and during winter’s perma-gray days, that’s saying something). The icing on the cake? The serum is currently a magnificent 50 percent off.

If the name Oskia doesn’t ring any bells, that’s because it’s a British import via Space.NK’s London-based team. This makes the serum’s brightening power all the more impressive because, as the reviewers detail, London’s gray smog is a major barrier to bright skin, let alone reversing dark marks.


Shop now: $83 (Originally $166);

“I received a sample of this and noticed a difference just from using the sample,” one commenter writes. “I moved to London and my skin was suffering from the pollution — it was duller, and there were more marks on my face. The Oskia product brightened my skin within one to two days of use, and my skin looked fresh with less blemishes.”

Another adds that the serum is “worth every penny” and makes her skin “less prone to redness and blemishes.” Even beyond brightening stubborn dark marks, one commenter adds that, against all the odds, their “skin looked bright and relaxed after a long day at work.” The effusive reviews keep coming, with another commenter writing that it improved their skin tone and texture, and with continued use has eliminated the discoloration on their cheeks.

By now, you get the picture. The one downside that almost all the reviewers note is how expensive the serum is, which stings even more because they find it actually pays off (hate when that happens). It’s impossible to say when the Oskia serum will be this discounted again, so you should probably hop on this $83-for-$166 deal while you can.