Richard Osman accuses stars on 'Pointless Celebrities' of cheating

Julia Hunt
Richard Osman at the National Television Awards 2013 (Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Richard Osman has accused stars of cheating on the celebrity edition of Pointless.

The presenter said the cheating is “non-stop” on Pointless Celebrities, which sees teams competing for money for their chosen charities.

Osman was asked if anything dodgy goes on as he chatted about the show on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre podcast.

“Oh, God. It's non-stop, most of the time,” he laughed.

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Richard Osman at the UK premiere of Kill Your Friends in 2015. (Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

Recalling one dubious moment, he said: “I can't remember who it was - it was like Sonia, or something.

"It might not have been Sonia so, if it's not, Sonia don’t sue - it was someone like you.

"Xander (Osman’s co-host Alexander Armstrong) said, 'Oh, sorry, I did say no conferring.’

"And she just went, 'We're not conferring, we're just discussing the answer’.”

Osman, 49, recounted another incident where a celebrity guest was stumped by a golf question, having admitted they knew absolutely nothing about the sport.

Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong attend the National Television Awards in 2013 (Mike Marsland/WireImage)

He revealed the guest suddenly seemed to pluck a name out of the air.

“She says, 'Oh I've just thought of someone - Phil Nickelson'.

"And I said, 'Can I just say one thing? Firstly, if you know nothing about golf then that is an unusual answer. But, secondly, Phil Nickelson is exactly the answer that someone would give if someone else had just whispered Phil Mickelson - which is the correct answer - into their ear’.”

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Osman has co-hosted BBC One’s Pointless since 2009.

The celebrity version of the quiz show started in 2011.