The richest sports commentator is worth more than most NFL players

Emily Rella,

It’s no secret that professional athletes make major money.

In fact, being a part of the professional sports world in any capacity can turn out to be quite a profitable endeavor — from franchise owners, to coaches, to analysts, agents and even sports commentators.

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Especially sports commentators. 

In more ways than one, it’s a dream job of sorts — getting to sit around table on television or the radio talking about your favorite sport, the level of in-depth analysis up to your own discretion.

And the best part? Most of the time this means only being on air one day a week.

But don’t be fooled, getting to that part is no easy feat — most sports fanatics think they’re more than qualified to take on the job, and often times they’re well-versed enough in whatever sport-language they speak that they could probably make it big if they were granted a big enough break.

And though the average salary of a sport’s commentator is just shy of $60K for television announcers ($35K for radio announcers), those with their own shows, loyal followings or finest honed in skillsets can make upwards of multiple millions per year.

So who’s amassed the most over time?

We’ll give you a hint — our front runner is currently sitting on a fortune of nearly $75M.

Not bad for having to work Sundays, right?

Here are 12 of the richest sports commentators to date:

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