'What is my body supposed to look like?': 'Ridiculous' bathing suit sparks debate online

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Image via Shein.
A high-cut bathing suit has the internet divided. Image via Shein.

Swimsuit season is upon us — but not everyone is happy with this season's latest swimwear trends. 

A photo of a $13 swimsuit ($11 USD) from Shein has sparked an online conversation about women's body standards in the fashion industry.

"What is my body supposed to look like?" Alanna Okun, the deputy editor of The Goods by Vox wrote, along with a photo of the vermilion-red one-piece swimsuit.

Okun's tweet was quickly met with agreement as the image circulated via Twitter, earning more than 41,000 likes. 

 "Honestly, who do they expect will wear this besides their models?" someone commented, while another added, "The punishment we put our poor crotches through."

While many agreed that the suit perpetuated unrealistic body standards, others raised the question of whether or not the swimsuit is made with enough fabric to cover one's nether regions.

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"I'm sorry, what? All I see is an inch wide strip of fabric meant to cover my full vulva, which would not work. This swimsuit is front wedgie central," someone else pointed out

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"A woman can't have designed that," someone suggested, while another asked, "Does it come with a complimentary ice pack?"

"There is no reality in which my lady-bits would not be flopping out of this suit," added another.

While for the most part, Twitter has deemed this swimsuit unwearable, many also chimed in to defend the design. Some even revealed that the high-cut style could be essential for certain body types.

"I have 43-inch hips and a 29-inch waist, and I'm 5'10. The only way a one-piece anything fits me is if it's high cut. Sorry different bodies exist, I guess," one user wrote, while another said, "As someone with long legs and no torso, I'm delighted!"

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Another user pointed out that the style is perfect for those with curvier figures.

"These are great for small waists and big hips — very flattering for people with that body type,"they tweeted. "Personally, not my style but glad there are so many different types of swimsuits for us to choose from now."

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