Rita Moreno turned bullying by women into inspiration for her performance in ‘The Prank’

If you end up enjoying Rita Moreno’s work in “The Prank,” you can thank the “b**ches” she’s met in Hollywood.

During an appearance Monday on “The View,” the legendary actress shared that the project “is the best part” she’s “had in years.”

“It’s hilarious,” she said. “It’s really a little cult movie.”

The 92-year-old plays Mrs. Wheeler, a strict teacher who is falsely accused of murder by some of her students.

Moreno said she used her personal experiences over the years as inspiration for the character.

“I just thought, how am I going to play this terrible person?,” she said. “And I thought of all the women in my life, particularly in show business, who’d really been awful to me. All of these b**ches.”

The EGOT winner did not name names.

“The Prank” is scheduled for release on March 13.

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