The Rivian R2 Brings In-Car Camping to Another Level

2026 rivian r2 fold flat seats
Every Seat in the Rivian R2 Can Be Stowed FlatRivian

The 2026 Rivian R2 is already a standout for its bold-but-blocky styling and impressive starting price, but its best feature may be something relatively simple. Every single seat in the R2's cabin can fold flat, creating a mostly-level surface inside of the car for a unique in-car camping experience.

This is not quite a stow-and-go situation, both because Chrysler owns that trademark and because going becomes quite difficult once you stow the driver's seat. As an animation shared on social media shows, the rear and driver's seats simply fold flat to make a level surface up to the end of the rear seats. There are big indentations for the rear fenders, a small one for the center console, and the uneven shape of the back of the driver and passenger seats to contend with, but the cabin still instantly becomes a mostly flat surface that campers can use as they would like for their entire time in the wilderness. Once the night is over and the driver is ready to continue on their journey, they can simply flip whatever seats they need back up and get on the road.

The seat configuration gels well with the two main things about the Rivian R2; it is an EV and a crossover built by a brand that has already taken an SUV across the Rubicon Trail once. Add all three elements together and this is potentially something that can drive right up to some of the world's most remote campsites, use its massive battery to provide climate control for car campers overnight, and still have a surplus of range left in store for the drive back to a fast charger on the way home. That makes it uniquely qualified as a car camper, a feature that will make a major selling point for the outdoor enthusiasts Rivian has targeted from its earliest days.

The R2 starts at $45,000 and arrives in early 2026. Reservations for the crossover are already open, but you may want to hold off on considering a Rivian purchase until the smaller R3 and rally-ready R3X come to market shortly afterward.

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