Robb Recommends: These High-End Toothpastes and Mouthwashes Are Like Fragrances for Your Mouth

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It’s hard to innovate the grooming space these days; it seems as though most things been done, and plenty of others have been overdone. But every so often, a brand surprises me with something that feels refreshing—sometimes genuinely so. The latest to turn my head is Selahatin, a luxe oral care company out of Sweden.

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I get the impression that its founder Kristoffer Vural has fun making his brand’s toothpastes, mouth sprays, and mouthwashes. That’s because he’s approached the brand’s production like a perfumer making a fragrance. (A stroke at age 30 gave him heightened senses of smell and taste.) And while there are plenty of oral care companies out there offering luxe products and even a few “flavors,” they usually fall prey to the basics (peppermint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, etc). Vural’s recipes have delicious medleys of flavors, my favorite of which (called Escapist) takes two of those staples—cinnamon foremost, and peppermint—and cuts down the middle with a citrusy squeeze of orange.

You can commit to a single flavor profile throughout your regimen if you prefer. The other option that currently features in Selahatin’s entire regimen (paste, wash, spray) aside from Escapist, is called Of Course I Still Luv You (verbena, bergamot, cardamom, pine), which earned a 2023 Robb Report Grooming Award.

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The additional flavors include Amorist (green mint, peppermint, menthol); Blue Forever (citrus, lime, licorice, peppermint); Hypnotist (anise, honey, peppermint); Vesper (cinnamon, anise, licorice, peppermint); Eukalypse (eucalyptus, honey, menthol); and XX/Èlise (citrus, eucalyptus, peppermint).

All but XX/Èlise are currently available as toothpaste; the brand’s mouthwash and oral spray (each brilliantly called “Eau D’Extrait Oral”) feature a handful of the above flavor profiles. The oral sprays, in particular, are a welcome addition to my regimen; it’s like a more polite way of keeping your breath fresh than chewing gum, and a lot less biting than those Binaca sprays we all used to use in the 1990s.

These aren’t just beautiful-looking and tasting products, either: the ingredients are thoughtful and effective. Selahatin’s toothpaste formulas take a multitasking approach to cleaning and brightening, using hydrated silica to break up plaque, sensitivity-friendly hydroxyapatite (in place of fluoride) to polish and help rebuild enamel, as well as sodium bicarbonate to brighten the teeth. They also include anti-inflammatory ingredients, antioxidants, and amino acids to boost natural hydration, help good bacteria outnumber the bad, and preserve gum health. The oral sprays contain Vitamin E, aloe vera, and vitamin B5 to calm and soothe the skin in your mouth, while the mouthwashes do the same with aloe and chamomile.

But our favorite element might just be the brand’s signature, limited-edition Selahatin toothpaste squeezer, which helps ensure you can squeeze out every drop.

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