Robert Griffin III is clowning fools on a basketball court

We’ve all spent a lot of time in this young NFL season fretting and fuming about the fact that Colin Kaepernick deserves/doesn’t deserve a job/exile because of his football skills/anthem protests (circle the answers you feel appropriate). But what about his fellow Revolutionary 2012 Quarterback, one Robert Griffin III? When last we saw him, the onetime Redskins phenom was stumbling and bumbling his way through a two-touchdown, one-win, 72.5-rating five-game stint with the Cleveland Browns. So what’s he up to these days?

Why, showing up chumps on a local rec basketball court, of course:

Lord. Griffin hasn’t seen defense that weak since … well, since he was on the sidelines between offensive series for Cleveland last year.

Griffin got a tryout with the Los Angeles Chargers over the summer, and indicated over the weekend that he still wants back in the game:

Alas, there isn’t any active public interest in Griffin as a quarterback at the moment, which, if you saw the way he revitalized a moribund Washington franchise for a couple years, is a bit of a shame. Still, Griffin is going way out of his way to show us what a good time he’s having with his life on Instagram. And if beating dads at pickup hoops is part of that equation, hey, you go, RG3.

Robert Griffin III in better on-field days. (AP)

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