A-Rod strikes out with his new bat on ‘The Tonight Show’

Former Major League Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez, otherwise known as A-Rod, joined The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where they unveiled his new bat, the GS 25. That stands for Grand Slam 25 because A-Rod has the most grand slams in Major League history with 25. After unveiling the bat, A-Rod said the bat was designed for hitting home runs. Unfortunately, while showing off the bat at work in a game of Face Breakers, he and Fallon hit mostly what would amount to pop-ups, ground outs, and foul balls.

Though they both had tees set up, A-Rod opted to toss the ball up and hit it instead. After his first hit was a failure, Fallon said to the man with over 3,000 hits and nearly 700 home runs, “Maybe you should use the tee.” After his second hit was worse than the first, A-Rod said with a laugh, “I may use the tee.” Despite most of the balls missing the target completely, both A-Rod and Fallon got one point. A-Rod blamed the bats. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. When the game was done, A-Rod was kind enough to give the bats to a couple of Yankees fans in the audience, and even signed the bats for them.