Royal fans think Prince William almost said the F word on live TV last night

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Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images
Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images

Wimbledon is in full swing, and for those of us tuning in at home, watching on the centre court or even soaking up the atmosphere from Murray Mound, it's certainly a riveting tennis season so far. And one person who would agree with that is Prince William who was seen getting ~very~ into last night's match between Britain's Cameron Norrie and Belgium's David Goffin.

ICYMI, yesterday Prince William and Kate Middleton made an appearance in their royal box at Wimbledon's centre court. As the dramatic, five-set quarter-finals match intensified, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge cheered Norrie on along with the rest of the crowd. But as Norrie had a slip up, Prince William seemingly let his disappointment get the better of him, with one fan sharing a clip in which the future King appears to swear.

"Oh no, no, not…F…" the 40-year-old royal is seen mouthing just as the camera pans away before he's finished the sentence. "Haha Prince William saying 'No, no, no f**k it lol'" one person tweeted alongside a clip of the infamous moment, suggesting that Prince William had broken royal etiquette by swearing.

Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images
Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images

Other fans agreed, pointing out that the future King is only human after all and therefore his reaction was the same as any other tennis fan invested in the match. "Can't be unseen! So glad he's human," someone said in response to the clip, as another royal fan added, "Iconic." A third person tweeted: "I have to admit that was [my] take on it haha, good to see some feelings."

Elsewhere, some royal fans proposed that the Duke was actually saying something else, with one Twitter user writing, "He was about to say 'for goodness sake' when the camera cut away." Another person jokingly chimed into the conversation with: "He is saying no, no fudge is my fave."

But some Royal Family Stans were otherwise not convinced that William cursed at all, with one person tweeting, "He would never use the F word!"

As for whether the future King actually let a swear word slip out, we'll likely never know. But what we do know for certain is that he – and the whole Cambridge family – are avid sports fans, and if they're anything like us, they can't help but have a wee shout at the TV when their fave player misses a move.

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