Royals ‘United in Outrage’ as Charles, Kate Named ‘Royal Racists’: Report

Jane Barlow/Pool via Reuters
Jane Barlow/Pool via Reuters

The royal family is “united in outrage,” the Mirror reported, after King Charles and Kate Middleton were identified as the alleged “royal racists” who had raised “concerns” over the then-unborn Prince Archie’s skin color. The Mirror said “well placed sources” said the royal family was “banded together in their utter condemnation” of any suggestion that any royal family member would use racist language. A source told the Mirror there was “an unequivocal denial that anything said by the two persons named publicly, both in the book and on television, was said or could be considered to be said in a racist manner. How much more should they take? This is an outrageous smear that first started with the Oprah (Winfrey) interview”—in 2021, in which Meghan first relayed the story, without names—“and now has blown up into another stratosphere.” Asked how he was, Charles, attending the COP 28 environmental gathering in Dubai, said, “I’m all right very much, just about. Having had a rather ancient birthday recently recovering from the shock of that.”

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