RSF Claim to Have Seized Military Sites in Khartoum

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) said they had seized a number of military sites in Khartoum on May 16, after clashes with the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF).

In a statement, the RSF said they repelled an attack by the SAF in Khartoum and “inflicted heavy losses” while taking control of an air defense camp, a military sports branch, and all military sites in the area of Street 61.

A number of SAF forces were also captured, the RSF said.

Video posted by the RSF on Tuesday showed fighters celebrating near Street 61 in Khartoum. In the footage, the person recording can be heard saying that the fighters were “inside the air defense headquarters on Street 61.” He says the video was recorded on May 16 at 11:01 am.

The recorder also says that “20 hostages were freed” by the fighters at the location.

On the same day, the SAF also claimed a victory. In a statement, the SAF said they had seized a number of vehicles as they repelled an RSF attack. Credit: Rapid Support Forces via Storyful