Rules-based order on pavements too

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<span>Photograph: Robert Brook/Alamy</span>
Photograph: Robert Brook/Alamy

I was dismayed to read about babies being taken into care during remote video hearings (Report, 27 October). My husband was a childcare solicitor for 30 years. Being with a client when they heard their child was to be removed from them was a part of his job that he considered extremely important, to give human comfort as well as legal advice. If he had a grave, he would be turning in it. He was probably one of those “lefty lawyers” who spent his whole working life defending those who needed his skills, with little financial reward.
Lesley Barnes
Greenford, London

• Interesting to read about Cycling UK’s call for the Highway Code to put more emphasis on riding two abreast (UK cycling groups say rule on riding side-by-side is ‘causing confusion’, 26 October). Now if only Cycling UK would put more emphasis on the bit in the Highway Code that says it’s unlawful to ride on the pavement.
Ken Ward
Crewe, Cheshire

• John Airs (Letters, 27 October) says “we stopped the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership”. No we didn’t, the European Union stopped it. I have no doubt that the UK would have signed up like a shot then, and will do as soon as the US dangles something similar in front of us now.
Martin Steer
Rangeworthy, Gloucestershire

• Which half of the population considered period products to be non-essential (Letters, 28 October)? The same half that has been closing public toilets as if they are going out of fashion.
Huw Beynon
Penybanc, Llandeilo