Runaway pig Kevin Bacon spent weeks on lam — but couldn’t resist ‘Benadryl sticky bun’

A runaway pig named Kevin Bacon spent weeks on the lam, getting the attention of news outlets and his famous namesake actor. Now, he’s finally been captured.

The swine saga began on Oct. 14 when Kevin Bacon — a large, spotted pig — broke free from his enclosure in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, according to a Facebook post from his owner.

“He is lost,” his owner wrote on Facebook, “somewhere in 50 acres of brush and abandoned buildings.”

So began a weeks-long search for Kevin, a rescue and a “known drama king,” his owner said.

Each day, his owner and her husband tried to capture Kevin, laying out food in the hopes of enticing the animal back into his pen.

Local news outlets soon became involved, conducting interviews with the owner, and the actor Kevin Bacon even posted a message on Threads, saying “Bring Kevin Bacon home!”

Eventually, after devouring a sticky bun laced with Benadryl — laid out by his owner in the hopes of making him sleepy — the animal returned to his enclosure all on his own.

“I dropped what I was holding and sprinted to the pen, stepped in, and shut the door behind me,” the owner said Oct. 31 on Facebook. “He’s now asleep in the bed he made for himself.”

What’s next for the now famous hog? “Rest. Relax. Eat snacks,” his owner said.

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