The Rush: Are You Athletic Enough for Fireworks?

It’s that time of year when average Americans unearth their deep-seated patriotism in the name of independence…and… grilling and boozing.  Here at The Rush we have some celebration tips for you (check out the video) so that you don’t end July 4 with fewer digits than you had on July 3.  

American soccer legend Landon Donovan stopped by the studio to take a lot at the notorious “Comment Section” with us. Let’s just say his rooting for Mexico in the World Cup didn’t go over well with millions of Americans and many of them voiced their displeasure in his Twitter mentions.  We sifted through his mentions, added a mean tweet of our own and asked him to figure out which one we made up.  Watch the video to see if Landon could correctly spot the fake. 

Lastly, what’s more American than NASCAR? Champion driver Kurt Busch paid us a visit to test you, the viewer, with some racing rules trivia. 

Have a happy and safe fourth of July!