The Rush: What Game of Thrones Can Teach Us About Free Agency

If you ventured outside yesterday in Los Angeles, you might have noticed traces of white dust coating the streets: remnants of Sunday evening celebrations that featured LeBron-approved baby powder being thrust into the sky.

Twenty-four hours later, the proverbial dust still doesn’t seem to be settling. In fact, the time since has been anything but restful with the Lakers signing Rajon Rondo, renouncing Julius Randle, and then watching from a distance as the Golden State Warriors scooped up Damarcus Cousins.

In some respects these developments are startling. In others, they’re totally expected. Because we’ve been conditioned, by our favorite TV fantasies and Twitter realities, to expect the unexpected.

You knew the moment Ned Stark was beheaded before Season One’s end that no one else in Game of Thrones would be ever be safe again. As for Sunday night’s headline that LeBron was heading to Hollywood? If you didn’t know that it meant heads would roll as early as Monday, you weren’t watching closely enough.