The Rush: Hater vandalizes LeBron James mural in Los Angeles

Yahoo Sports Staff

Apparently there’s at least one person in Los Angeles who isn’t thrilled with the impending arrival of LeBron James donning the purple and gold. Some dope tweeted that he’d pay money for someone to vandalize a recently painted mural of LeBron James that went up on the side of Baby Blues BBQ in Venice, CA. Well, someone took him up on the offer, defacing the mural less than 48 hours after it was completed. As fast as the vandalism went up, the artist wiped it away with a fresh coat of paint. Our intrepid host Jared Quay went to Baby Blues BBQ to offer his bodyguard services. Check out the video to see him thwart potential vandals.

In an assault on our intelligence, the UFC had a totally-authentic-not-completely-staged-surprise-turn-of-events where following Daniel Cormier’s big win in UFC 226, Brock Lesnar jumped into the octagon to ruffle some feathers while announcing he’d soon fight Cormier. In the moment that looked more like WWE than UFC, chests were puffed and shoves were aplenty as Cormier and Lesnar gave the crowd something to look forward to.