The Rush: Winners and losers of Tuesday’s contract extension bonanza

To extend…or not to extend, that is the question!

Tuesday saw an influx of big bucks coming to guys like Kevin Love and Todd Gurley, who clearly won the day in the form of multi-million dollar contract extensions.

Not everyone fared as well though, for example, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Daniel Poncedeleon.  The guy nearly threw a no-hitter in his his major league debut, only to be sent back down to the minors the next morning.  No good deed goes unpunished.

Perhaps the biggest loser of the day was none other than Jimmy Garoppolo.  Oh how the mighty have fallen! Kiara Mia, the adult film actress who went on a date with Jimmy the other night might possibly leave the star QB in the dust for some other famous footballers. Check out the video to see our Pulitzer-worthy take on the story, which has been brilliantly reported by TMZ.